Here’s The Secret Behind The Sweater That WEi’s Kim Yohan Has Been Wearing For 4 Whole Years

Even he doesn’t know it!

WEi‘s Kim Yohan has been wearing the same sweater for 4 years now. Touchingly, the sweater was gifted to him by a Japanese fan around the time his season of Produce ended and he was slated for debut with X1.

He was seen wearing it on the subway in 2019…

…in a selfie in 2020…

… and in another photo uploaded in 2021.

Most recently, fans caught him wearing the same sweater again in 2022, on his way to a schedule.

It’s been known that Kim Yohan likes using items for a long time. In a written interview, he once stated that he uses one item for a very long time.

Fans managed to hunt down the exact sweater as they were curious about his beloved top. The truth was, the sweater was part of a pajama set!

Although it was meant to be cozy sleepwear, Yohan has been wearing it out of the house instead. Fans were joking around about having to keep the secret from Yohan forever.

  • “Oh but it actually doesn’t look that much like pajamas as I thought it would.”
  • “LOL Pajamas!”
  • “Ah LOL We honestly should tell him cuz if he finds out later on he’ll totally be kicking his blankets.”
  • “Once you know it’s pajamas it totally looks like pajama material.”
  • “Oh no LOL”
  • “It’s pretty. Doesn’t look like much even though you’re wearing pajamas outside.”

Well, sleepwear for outsidewear was indeed trending in recent years!

Source: theqoo