Wendy and Seulgi cover their most favourite artist in the world

Seulgi and Wendy impressed viewers by performing short covers on Abnormal Summit, proving why they are Red Velvet‘s two main vocalists.

The two Red Velvet members made a guest appearance on episode 135 of Abnormal Summit, where they were asked about which singers they idolize. Rather than simply naming their favorite singers, they opted to sing short covers as a small tribute instead.

On the show, Wendy sang “Mama Knows Best” by Jessi J, while Seulgi performed “If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce. Both girls showed off their incredible vocals and vocal color.

Seulgi has often praised for her great body and dance skills, but her vocals are also top-notch. Seulgi has been known for opening Red Velvet songs (but not in the group’s latest song “Rookie”) and has also released her fair share of covers as well.

Wendy’s captivating voice is no mystery to fans. Her fluency in English has also lead her to cover many popular English songs. With her powerful vocals, Wendy has become one of the most well-known young idols in the industry.

Watch their lovely covers below: