BTS’s Suga Knows Exactly Which Fairytale Character J-Hope Would Be

He’s living his best fairytale life in reality.

BTS‘s members are real-life Prince Charmings, but if they lived inside a fairytale book, which characters would they be?

With his bright personality and unshakeable tenacity, J-Hope has all the makings of a hero.

He can outdance a dragon…

…slay villains with killer raps…

…and win the hearts of everyone he meets…

…but can he keep his shoes on long enough to do any of this? Probably not.

On Weverse, a fan pointed out J-Hope’s hilarious habit of losing his shoes on stage and behind the scenes. They wrote, “Is Hobi Cinderella or what? His shoes keep escaping (laughs).”

A warm and kind personality, a gift for song, and lost shoes? J-Hope is the perfect Cinderella, and Suga agrees.

“When it’s 12 o’clock, he has to go,” he replied in the comments.

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