BTS V’s Reply To A Fan’s Love Confession Will Make You LOL

This probably isn’t the response they were expecting.

If you’re planning to confess your feelings to BTS‘s V, you will need the following: a good sense of humor and zero fear of rejection.

When it comes to purpling ARMY on Weverse, V has two modes. The first is his “steal your heart” mode.

The second is his “reject your heart” mode. When a fan asked V to marry them, he shouted “No!” 

(There’s also his “steal your [bae’s] heart” mode, but that’s a whole other story!)


— V

Recently, a fan wrote “I love you” with a photo of Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk.

In reply, V wrote back, “Who are you?”, in dialect.


It’s unclear if the fan was confessing their own love to V, or if they were jokingly confessing love Bang Si Hyuk’s behalf, but either way, it ended in rejection. In other news:

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