Wikipedia Bans EXO and BTS from “Top Pages In 2018” Rankings

“Gaming the system is not something we will condone!”

It seems like Wikipedia is not playing around when it comes to the authenticity of their data.

According to the raw data accumulated by Wikipedia User, West.andrew.g, EXO and BTS ranked in 9th and 25th place respectively.

However, the popular information site soon excluded EXO and BTS from The Top 50 Report of 2018 claiming fans organized the visits to boost the pageviews in purpose.

“A Twitter search later, turns out the EXO-L and the BTS A.R.M.Y takes the Social 50 too seriously, and given Wikipedia views contribute to said rankings, they visit their group of choice’s page really often to boost the article views. Gaming the system is not something we will condone!”

While Wikimedia, the non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia, did include EXO and BTS on the ranking, a footnote was added to point out how the views were generated by the Fandom. 

While this ban might not affect how idol fandoms generate publicity for their beloved artists, it is fascinating to see the impact of the fans in so many places.

Source: Wikipedia and Wikimedia Foundation