WINNER Have Been Dropping Spoilers Left And Right In A Series Of Mysterious Instagram Videos

Inner Circle are 99.999% sure the videos are a spoiler for their comeback:

Ever since it was announced that WINNER were preparing for their comeback, details about this comeback have been pretty hush-hush…or at least they were until WINNER went on a spoiling spree! Over the past couple of days, WINNER have been posting a series of videos that have fans 99.9999% convinced that these are spoilers for their new title track!

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It all started when Yoon posted a short clip of himself struggling to take a picture of Jinu on March 13. As Yoon struggles with the camera in the clip, Jinu urges him to hurry up before ultimately leaving. Yoon captioned the post with the words, “Umm…did I take too long?” To which Jinu responded, “Yoon-ah #Don’tTakeTooLong.”

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음 .. 내가 너무 #뜸들였나?

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At first, Yoon’s post didn’t seem overly suspicious or really even suspicious at all. That was until Hoony headed over to his Instagram page and dropped a video too! This time, Hoony delivered a video of himself doing pushups along with the caption, “Did I take too long?” And in reply? Yep, you guessed it! Yoon wrote, “Hyung, #Don’tTakeTooLong.

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With suspicions growing that these were spoilers, Jinu gave fans even further proof that these were some major comeback hints when he dropped a video of himself taking his time to write a text message to Park Inseo (aka Inner Circles), asked fans if he took too much time, and received a reply from Yoon with the same #Don’tTakeTooLong hashtag!

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내가 너무 #뜸들였나

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Last but certainly not least, Mino uploaded a video of himself slowly getting ready to go as Yoon urges him on. Just as his members had done, Mino captioned the whole thing with, “Did I take too long?

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내가 너무 #뜸들였나

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With all four members posting something very similar to each other, Inner Circle are positive that these videos are spoilers and have been guessing that the name of their comeback title track will be “Don’t Take Too Long”.

Although no one can say for certain these are spoilers for their title track until it’s officially announced, there’s no doubt that WINNER definitely have something up their sleeves! And luckily, we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out either because WINNER is set to release new music on March 26!

Source: Newsen