WINNER’s Hoony Delighted Fans By Learning The Choreography Of ATEEZ, Cherry Bullet, And VERIVERY

He challenged himself to learn and teach their key point dance moves:

As an absolute ace when it comes to quickly learning and flawlessly performing all types of choreography, WINNER‘s Hoony decided to challenge himself by learning and teaching the key point dance moves to songs he wasn’t overly familiar with in his latest live.

Starting with a few ground rules including the fact that he would need to learn the moves in a matter of 3 minutes, Hoony asked fans to recommend him songs by rookie artists.

Soon Hoony was flooded with a ton of great suggestions, so many in fact it was hard for him to choose! But soon enough, he had his first pick — Cherry Bullet‘s “Hands Up”! After a few hiccups locating which part of the choreography he wanted to learn, he got down to learning their moves!

After successfully learning and then giving his all to teaching everyone some of the moves he had picked up, Hoony got ready for his next dance mission. Carefully studying VERIVERY‘s “Lay Back”, he picked out the toughest parts of the choreography, tried to get inside the mind of the choreographer, and break it down for fans.

With one more song complete, Hoony decided to do one last song — ATEEZ‘s “Wave”! With one last burst of energy, he put his all into learning the moves and teaching everyone what he had learned!

His dedication to learning all those moves has been receiving a whole lot of love not only from Inner Circle but from ATINY, Lullet, and VERRER too!

Now excuse us while we put “Hands Up”, “Lay Back”, and “Wave” on repeat while we study Hoony’s live so we can learn all the moves too!