Inner Circle Showcase Their Creativity And Love For WINNER By Transforming Their Album Into Works Of Art

The “Remember” album is the perfect canvas for fans to show love their for WINNER:

A few weeks ago, WINNER made their highly-anticipated return with the release of their third studio album Remember. Besides the heart-fluttering songs, photocards, and more in the album, the overall aesthetic of the cover design immediately captured the hearts of fans.

The simple and sleek designs of the US version in black and the YOU version in white are undeniably aesthetic and while fans absolutely love the fresh and clean look presented by the albums just as they are, they’ve also been loving just how customizable they are!

Since WINNER released the album, Inner Circles have been discovering that they’re the perfect canvas for them to unleash their creativity while also showing their love for WINNER. Adding their own designs to the covers, fans have been creating their own unique version of the album and the results are absolutely stunning!

Some of Inner Circle’s gorgeous designs. Image credit to original artists, collage image via @heyaheu/Twitter

To share their artwork with their fellow fans, Inner Circle have been showcasing their designs under the hashtag #PaintingREMEMBER_WINNER.

Each album under the hashtag is unique not only because of the design but also because of the mediums used. The creative fans been using everything from watercolors and acrylics to pencil and pen to create their Remember masterpieces.

Through all their stunning pieces, fans have not only been showcasing their amazing artistic talents but also sharing some serious love for WINNER with designs including everything from WINNER’s colors to their favorite flowers and pets!

Everyone has been falling in love with all of these gorgeous album artworks and it’s really no surprise why!

And while it looks like WINNER haven’t found the hashtag quite yet, there’s no doubt that they’ll love the art pieces as much as we all do too!