4 Most Paw-fect Cat Dads of K-Pop


So a man with a cat is better than a man with no cat. Here are four K-Pop boy group members who are well-known to be the biggest cat persons. Get ready to UWU and stan these fine cat dads hard!


1. WINNER’s Jinwoo

WINNER‘s Jinwoo has two sphinx cats, named Ray and Bey, that he loves to death!

Jinwoo appeared on Animal Farm once and shared that he is actually allergic to cats, but takes medication to keep things under control. Jinwoo’s undying love and dedication for his babies make him an awesome cat dad!

Jinwoo’s cats, Ray and Bey, are actually super cute and love their dad a lot too!

Fans can never get enough of Jinwoo’s interactions with Ray and Bey. Look how gentle and soft Jinwoo is with his cat – he is definitely one of K-Pop’s finest cat dads!


2. WINNER’s Mino

WINNER‘s Mino has a munchkin named Johnny. Don’t let the name fool you though, Johnny is a female cat and also the absolute queen in Mino’s life!

During an interview, Mino pointed out that as a K-Pop idol, sometimes things get hard for him but Johnny helps him heal and feel relaxed. Fans couldn’t help but agree that, like for Mino and Johnny, pets do hold special places in their lives!

Mino is a cat dad through and through, in that he likes to show off Johnny whenever he can. Mino even dropped by his own open group chatroom, identifying Johnny as his “daughter”, and shared pics and videos with his fans!

Fans love this unbreakable bond between Mino and Johnny!


3. BTOB’s Sungjae

BTOB‘s Sungjae has a snow bengal named Sam-i.

There is a cute story to how Sungjae got to name the cat Sam-i. “Sam (삼, three)” and “Yi (이, two)” put together like “Sam-i” is actually how Koreans read “3 times 2”. The mathematical answer, which is “Yook (육, six)”, is also Sungjae’s last name. Once fans figured this out, they couldn’t help but UWU hard.

And Sungjae and Sam-i are constantly mind-blowing the fans with their stunning visuals!

Sungjae is an avid cat-stagrammer, with his social media accounts flooding with records of his memories with Sam-i. Fans are always super excited to get Sam-i updates!



INFINITE‘s L has a Russian blue cat named Byul (별, star).

L explained the name was inspired by Byul’s twinkly eyes that reminded him of the stars.

Fans also love that L is a hardcore cat dad whose love for feline creatures stretches far beyond just for his own. L is known to volunteer at the cat shelter and hold fundraisers to make money that can rescue and hospitalize stray cats that need help!

Fans appreciate the abundant amount of pictures that capture L’s love for Byul. The uncanny resemblance between L and Byul show that they are truly a “like dad, like cat” pair.