WINNER Seunghoon Admitted He Could Never Marry Mino For This Reason

WINNER recently featured on SBS Power FM‘s radio show, Park Sohyun’s Love Game, where Seunghoon admitted he could never marry Mino.

WINNER’s time on Park Sohyun’s Love Game gave the members a chance to talk about what they love or dislike the most about their fellow members.

Seunghoon brought up a funny incident where he decided he could never marry his group member, Mino, to explain one of his pet peeves!

The host asked Seunghoon who he would take with him on a trip if he could only choose one of the members and he blatantly bypassed Mino for Jinwoo.

Laughing, the hosts asked him to explain his decision.

He explained that it’s simply because fashion-minded Mino takes too long to prepare himself in the mornings.

Mino took it in stride, however, and laughed off the comment, even asking for a divorce!

Check out the video clip of the radio broadcast below.