WINNER’s Seunghoon Hilariously Shattered Mino’s Cool “SOSO” Persona With A Single Video Clip

Seunghoon’s behind clip showed a different side of “SOSO” Mino:

Sometimes expectation and reality match up perfectly other times…not so much! While Inner Circles had a certain image of Mino in mind while watching the MV for WINNER‘s latest hit, “SOSO”, thanks to a hilarious post from Seunghoon, that cool persona has now been shattered.


Take one look at Mino’s “SOSO” visuals and anyone would definitely see a cool, intense, and sexy Mino. With his powerful aura, Mino had hearts everywhere fluttering!


While Mino had such a strong aura throughout the MV, Seunghoon’s special behind-the-scenes clip from their “SOSO” filming, showed that fun and energetic Mino just couldn’t keep that serious persona going throughout the filming!


In the behind clip, Seunghoon was filming Mino and caught him bopping and jamming along to a song on his phone. When the song suddenly stopped, Seunghoon also captured the moment when Mino just couldn’t hide his adorable pout!


With Seunghoon hilariously exposing Mino’s dance break moment, Inner Circles couldn’t help joking that he’d destroyed their “SOSO” expectations!


“Destroyed” expectations or not, Inner Circles loved the clip so much that they’re not so secretly hoping for Seunghoon to expose even more hilarious behind moments!


Here’s hoping he does because seeing Mino’s dance break and pout was too adorable!