WINNER’s Seunghoon Stealthily Snuck Into Mino’s Picture Even With A Large Goose Hat On

Photobomb level: Seunghoon

WINNER‘s Seunghoon can pull off any silly hat thrown his way but it takes even more skill to take one of those hats, pull it off, and then sneak into someone else’s picture without getting caught until the end! And Seunghoon definitely has that skill too!


Not too long ago, WINNER met up with Inner Circle at a fansign event in Yeongdeungpo and while there were plenty of awesome, amazing, and hilarious moments from the event, Seunghoon’s goose hat wearing adventures were definitely a crowd favorite!


Especially since Seunghoon really got into his goose role and had a blast with it!


But perhaps even better than seeing Seunghoon lovingly whack fans with his hat, was the moment that he decided to photobomb Mino! During the event, one fan wanted to take a picture together with Mino and since Mino was at one end of the signing line, the Inner Circle asked Mino to look to the side to take the picture.


Seunghoon definitely heard the fan’s request and as Mino and the Inner Circle turned to take their picture, Seunhoon stealthily snuck in between them, goose hat and all!


It wasn’t until the picture had been snapped that Mino realized Seunghoon had photobombed them and by then it was way too late!


There’s no doubt that with our without that goose hat, Seunghoon truly is a photobomb master!