WINNER Shoots A Hilarious Parody Of La La Land [Video]

It seems that the members of WINNER can do just about anything — including recreating musicals.

On a live stream for fans on March 14, the group started off with a quick performance of a song from Oscar-winning La La Land — and their version of it is hilarious.

Not taking themselves too seriously, the boys performed with barely-concealed smiles on their faces. Prancing about the studio, they gave fans their own dramatic rendition of La La Land‘s “Someone in the Crowd”. In their clearly rehearsed attempt, they certainly gave the original a run for its money!

Seunghoon even went for the spotlight in a dramatic solo performance, with Mino kindly helping him out with the lighting. Now that’s talent!

Whilst it’s not quite the comeback that their fans have been waiting for, this hilarious video will do for now!