WINNER’s Yoon Was Ready To Throw Hands At Mino When He Savagely Asked If Yoon Had Friends

Yoon was so done with Mino:

We all have that one friend. You know, the one that can’t resist being savage AF any chance they get. For WINNER’s Yoon that friend is Mino.


Last week, Yoon celebrated his birthday and as a nice treat, WINNER held a livestream so they could all celebrate together with Inner Circle.


Unfortunately for Yoon, this meant, well, he was open to a lot of teasing from his members and in particular Mino just couldn’t help himself. There was the moment when he decided to “help” Yoon enjoy his cake…


By feeding him with a fork that had obviously touched something way too spicy.


While Yoon was already ready to throw hands at Mino for the whole cake debacle, Mino wasn’t quite done releasing his full savageness. When Yoon was asked if there was anything, in particular, he wanted to do to celebrate his big day, he revealed he had planned on spending it with friends.

I had some plans, but… I had some plans for tomorrow too. I was going to go somewhere or meet my friends.

— Yoon


Hearing Yoon’s plans, Mino simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to troll Yoon even further and asked the ultimate savage question, “Do you have any friends?

Do you have any friends?

— Mino


At this point, Yoon was beyond done with Mino and countering with a whole lot of sass, Yoon announced that one of those friends was Mino!

Why are you doing this. You’re my friend. I wanted to have fun with you.

— Yoon


Savageness and sass, that’s what friends are for! Catch all of Mino’s savageness starting around the 39-minute and 40-second mark below: