Winwin Is A Member Of NCT 127, And NCTzens Won’t Let Anyone Forget It

Winwin in NCT 127’s next comeback would be the next best thing.

Although Winwin hasn’t participated in any of NCT 127‘s recent promotions, NCTzens have a lot to say about it.

A fan was quick to point out that they believed SM Entertainment wasn’t promoting Winwin as well as they could be. To support their statement, they used Billboard as an example. They had no problem referencing NCT 127 as a 10-member group and including a photo of such.

This particular fan became even more unhappy with SM Entertainment. The lack of updates from WayV and Winwin being missing in action for NCT 127 promotions is becoming a major issue. And, a lot of fans are having the same thought process.

One fan noticed a coincidence of people tweeting how much they disliked someone, only for them to meet that person in reality. And, fans are missing Winwin so much that they’re willing to try the method in hopes that Winwin will rejoin NCT 127.

Winwin clearly has a lot of support and is dearly missed. Hopefully SM Entertainment’s future plans include Winwin. Otherwise, a riot wouldn’t be a good endorsement.