Wonder Girls Have A Mini Reunion For Hyelim’s Upcoming Wedding…And It’ll Have Fans Crying

This is their first meeting in quite some time.

While Wonder Girls might have disbanded, their members have shown that they still have a close bond with each other. During an episode of Don’t Be Jealous, Hyelim is seen excitedly waiting for a few people at her bridal shower.

Viewers were in for a surprise when a lot of the former members of Wonder Girls appeared!

While only 4 of the former Wonder Girls members were physically present, the other remaining members joined in through video call. Sunye was seen congratulating Hyelim on her upcoming wedding.

Sunye was the first member of Wonder Girls to get married, and she even predicted that Hyelim would be the second member to get married.

The other members were then curious about who Sunye thought would be the next member to get married, and she gave a surprising answer.

Hyelim then jokingly asks Sunye about a potential 4’th child, which causes Sunye to get “angry”.

Yeeun also gave a congratulatory message towards Hyelim. It’s then revealed that Yeeun is the who will be singing at Hyelim’s wedding. Yeeun is also revealed to be composing a special song for Hyelim, which warmed the hearts of the fellow members.

The scene concludes with the members discussing how it’s been quite some time since they were able to gather in one place.

Here is the full video below!