Wonho Fans Express Concerns Of Disrespect And Objectification After Someone Threw Panties On Stage During His Concert

Wonho did not seem amused.

Wonho just completed the European leg of his Facade tour and fans had a great time seeing the singer!

Wonho | @official__wonho/Twitter

Wonho at his London concert | @official__wonho/Twitter

While there have been a few mishaps including fans fainting during the concerts, the tour has gone off without a hitch, with Wonho being able to perform and see fans outside of Korea for the first time in many years.

There was one incident, however, that has WENEE speaking up in Wonho’s defense.

During the final show in London, a fan threw something on the stage that caught Wonho’s attention. Normally, fans will throw their signs or gifts on stage and the artist will pick them up.


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This time, Wonho picked up the item, which turned out to be a pair of panties. He quickly drops them and backs away while his dancers also look on with confusion. Wonho seems to be taken off guard and a bit flustered but maintains his professionalism and continues speaking.

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In Western concert culture, more specifically with Rock bands, fans sometimes throw their bras and underwear on stage and music artists will have a positive reaction due to the difference in the environment.

Sik-K and several other K-Hip-hop artists have embraced this and invited fans to do the same at their concerts.

However, Wonho has never given any indication that he would enjoy this happening at his shows. In fact, when the panties were thrown, he was giving an explanation about the song he had just performed and had an uncomfortable look on his face. Many fans that attended the show even said that when the moment happened it “changed the vibe in the room.

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While a few fans found his reaction funny, most have seen the action as a sign of disrespect towards Wonho as an artist and say that anyone who knows him would know he would not react in a positive way. Others have brought up the fact that there is a difference between idols and K-Hip-hop and R&B artists’ concerts.

Earlier in the show, abet in a much more joking manner, Wonho commented on the fact that fans cheered more when he was showing off his body than when he introduced himself, chanting “take it off” while he was trying to speak. Fans online have seen both of these moments as evidence of the ongoing objectification that Wonho faces.

While he does enjoy sharing photos of his body or wearing fashion-forward and revealing clothing, this does not indicate that Wonho would want that to be the focus of his concerts or that he would enjoy inappropriate behavior directed at him during shows.