WONHO Reveals Goals As Solo Artist And How It Feels To Start Fresh

Everything is new for him, but he’s brushing his worries aside.

After spending many years promoting as part of a group, WONHO is now in a position where he has the opportunity to start fresh as a solo artist.

With the release of his debut track “Losing You”, he’s prepared an upcoming mini-album Love Synonym #1: Right For Me under his new label Highline Entertainment. Due to the many positive things he has in the works, he discussed the new changes with Teen Vogue.

When he signed with the new label, WONHO was happy to start returning the love he received from everyone who stuck by his side and supported him. “I’d say it’s a new start. I’m excited to see the people who have been supporting me for a long time. I’m also going to repay the love I’ve received with my songs and performances.”

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He’d even included a track that was dedicated specifically to WENEEs, “I was very involved in the new album, and there’s also my own song I’ve made for it. I thought it might be the best and most meaningful gift to the fans to come back with my music.”

Even though there were many positives to starting fresh, WONHO noted one of the most notable drawbacks.

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Doing everything by himself was a whole new experience that initially worried him, “I can’t lie that I didn’t have any worries about doing everything by myself from now on. However, I got to appreciate that I have people who are around me and support me.”

After gaining strength from his supporters, WONHO let go of that worry and pushed forward to make the best of his fresh start:

So I don’t worry that much now. I’ll cherish the newly given opportunity and try to focus on becoming Wonho who always shows only good things. I’m genuinely excited to go back to my fans who are my family and the most important thing for me.

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Naturally, there are new goals for WONHO to accomplish. He’s ready to open up and try a variety of things, “It’s a whole new beginning as Wonho! I’ll be on the stage, but I’ll also definitely show a variety of content that my fans will like, and I can connect with them all over the world.”

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Now able to connect with fans in a way that he’d long wanted, he’s preparing to show what only he can, “I always wanted that, but now I feel it even more. They’ll see all sides of me, open and real. And, yes, I will dance and try to be sexy and cute too!”

Everyone will be keeping their eyes on WONHO as he grows as a soloist. He’s already off to a promising start.

Source: Teen Vogue