Netizens Surprised By X1 Hyeongjun’s Broad Shoulders

Hyeongjun is filled with unexpected charms.

X1‘s Hyeongjun has been receiving attention from netizens for his broad shoulders. Despite his cute image, netizens were surprised to see just how wide his shoulders were.


Hyeongjun’s image was mainly “cute” throughout Produce X 101.


As a result, it seems that many viewers and netizens saw him only in this way.


Taking a look back at some of his images, however, shows that Hyeongjun has some of the broadest shoulders!


Netizens were shocked to see such a physique on “baby” Hyeongjun.


Fans are falling in love with Hyeongjun’s unexpected charisma all over again.

  • “Unexpected charms Song Hyeongjun.”
  • “His shoulders are really wide;; He looks so pure when you just see his face so he looked small.”
  • “I love him because he has a small face, long neck and broad shoulders beautiful frame.”
  • “Even his shoulders are pretty…”
  • “Even though his shoulders are wide he’s still just so cute.”
  • “He’s thin but has shoulders, long arms and legs and a small face so he has good proportions. He may also grow taller.”
Source: Pann Nate