Fans Discover Hilarious Old Photos of X1’s Visual Center, Kim Yohan

Best. Photos. Ever.

Kim Yohan recently took first place on Produce X 101 and claimed the center position of X1, and as such, old photos of him have been going viral in various online communities.

The shared photos are Kim Yohan’s graduation photos, and he can be seen looking very athletic in a sporty t-shirt.

What fans find hilarious is that in one of the photos, Kim Yohan posed with red goggles over his face while giving a big thumbs up.

Despite the photos being a little silly and his face being covered in one of them, Kim Yohan still managed to show off his handsome face which proves that he has always been the visual center.

After seeing the photos, fans are marveling at the fact that both Kim Yohan’s good looks and sense of humor haven’t changed since his school days.

Source: Insight