Yang Se Jong Explains Why He Doesn’t Have Any Goals, Plans, or Dreams

He has a unique approach to life.

Following Yang Se Jong‘s special appearance on Dr. Romantic 2 following his starring role in the first season, online communities dug up a past interview where he explained why he doesn’t have any goals, plans, or dreams.

Back in 2017, Yang Se Jong spoke in an interview toward the end of the year.

When the topic of the goals he set as he started acting came up, Yang Se Jong made a confession regarding his way of living that caught everybody off guard.

He revealed that he doesn’t set goals, plans, or dreams for himself.

And the reason for it was what surprised everyone.

Because I don’t know when I’ll die.

– Yang Se Jong

When people thought he was joking, he smiled and said, “I mean it.

Since most people are known to set certain goals for themselves whether they’re short-term or long term, many fans couldn’t help but feel shocked by Yang Se Jong’s way of thinking.

But for someone who doesn’t think too far ahead, Yang Se Jong does very well for himself!

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight