Yang Yoseob Hilariously Scolds His Staff for the “Awesome Poster” They Made for Highlight

So much savagery.

Highlight‘s agency, Around Us Entertainment, recently shared a poster detailing the members’ military mail information for fans, but Yang Yoseob had a few things to say about its design.

The poster consists of the addresses fans can send their consolatory letters to, and on top of a rainbow background, captions such as “Wow, impressive!“, “Attention, everybody!“, “Stay healthy, everyone!“, and “Light letters make for the best cheer up!” are scattered all over the place.

And in response, Yang Yoseob responded with the sarcastic comment, “Do you have a background in design? This is impressive.

As if that wasn’t funny enough, he left another comment that read, “Don’t get me wrong when I say this… I’m actually just really curious… Are you going to accept your next paycheck in full? I’m just asking, really.

In response to Yang Yeseob’s criticism of the poster design made by his agency, fans are rolling on the floor with laughter.

Yang Yoseob just went ahead and made everybody’s day.