Model Yano Shiho Reveals How To Pose For The Photo Of Your Life

Follow these steps to get Yano Shiho’s S-line!

Model and mother of Choo SarangYano Shiho, revealed tips on how to pose for the photo of your life on a recent episode of My Little Television VS.


Yano Shiho began by explaining that you should lift your hips in order to make your legs look longer.


When a viewer suggested that Yano Shiho just has long legs to begin with, she explained that it was because she always posed this way that her legs looked longer.


She then suggested that you cover half of your face with your hands to make your face look smaller.


Finally, you should also twist your body to the side to make your waist look thinner.


She then invited the lighting director as her model and helped him raise his hips for the perfect pose.


She suggested raising your arms up as well for the perfect S-line.


For those who are uncomfortable using their hips, she suggested folding your arms in front of your body to cover your stomach and pointing one foot forward.


With these poses, the pair succeeded in creating photoshoot-worthy photos!


She then invited one more staff member to create another spectacular photoshoot photo for three people!


How about trying these poses for your next photo? Check out the full video below:



Source: Naver TV and Naver TV