Yeeun Reveals Her Terrifying Story Of Someone Harassing Her On The Streets

Former Wonder Girls member Yeeun recently revealed that she experienced a terrifying danger on the streets.

She revealed through her Instagram that she went outside for a little walk when it happened.

“I went outside because I was excited about the snow.

But something terrifying happened.”

— Yeeun

She was approached by an unknown man who tried to get her into his car.

“A man driving a Por*** stopped his car next to me, pretending to know me.

He first greeted me and told me to get in his car.

In the confusion of the situation, I almost got in.”

— Yeeun

Once she realized that he meant to harm her, she became distraught with fright.

“I should’ve reported you for drunk driving.

I was so scared that I couldn’t even remember to take down his license number.”

— Yeeun

She had one thing to say to the man: “Don’t live like that.

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She posted her story to warn her fans who may experience such a frightening situation.

“It’s a scary world.”

— Yeeun 

Her fans thanked her for sharing and made sure she was doing alright.

“To experience that so early in the morning…”

“You can’t even walk around freely with a peace of mind.”

“Are you alright?”

— Fans’ Comments

Thankfully, Yeeun is doing well as she took caution and nothing more happened.

Source: Newsen