YG Artists Can’t Just Make Comebacks, Seungri Explains Why It Takes So Long

“All of our artists are working very hard.”

Seungri recently appeared on AKMU Suhyun’s Volume Up and revealed the reason why YG Entertainment’s artists take so long with their comebacks.


Seungri explained that YG Entertainment did not just produce albums and do everything for their artists but that the artists had to work hard themselves in order to make a comeback.

“You (Suhyun) also probably know but YG is not a company that produces albums and makes your schedule when you’re just sitting around doing nothing. The artists have to take initiative. Or else it could take a year or even 3 years.” ㅡ Seungri


Fans have frequently complained in the past that YG Entertainment wasn’t giving enough attention to their artists as it often takes awhile for artists to make a comeback. Until BLACKPINK’s recent comeback, fans were getting extremely antsy as it had already been a year since BLACKPINK’s last album.


Seungri clarified that YG Entertainment and the artists were not just sitting around during the breaks between albums but that they were working hard to create good results.

“All of our artists are working very hard. It just takes that much longer to produce great results. YG Entertainment waits until the album is absolutely perfect. I also took the initiative and did everything to make a fast comeback.” ㅡ Seungri


So it seems that YG Entertainment is not “ignoring” or “mismanaging” their artists, they are just perfectionists who work until the perfect results are produced!


Source: Dispatch