This YG Idol Refuses Male Idols Gifting Albums Saying He’s Not Going To Listen To Them Anyways

Fans need to give a shoutout to their favorite male idols not to gift their new album to SECHSKIES’ Jaijin because they will be rejected!

SECHSKIES’ Jaijin was on MBC’s pilot variety Omniscient Interfering, and his manager revealed Jaijin’s unusual quirkiness.

The manager confessed that Jaijin does not accept album gifts from his fellow hoobae idols.

In K-Pop culture, it is a considered a common courtesy for hoobae idols to gift their signed CD’s to the sunbae idols when they release a new album.

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Not only he refuses the gifts, he bluntly tells them that he would never listen to them, so no point in giving the signed records.

His impoliteness is only limited to the boybands because the manager also revealed that Jaijin actually accepts gifts from female hoobae idols.

Although it was entertaining, many netizens thought the way presented himself was rather impolite and criticized his rudeness.

“He makes me feel uncomfortable. Not sure why he keeps appearing on these shows. Not funny. “

“If he develops this character and personality well, this could be a hit on the variety shows as a 4d personality, yet it would be very difficult to do so.”

“Can’t believe he took the female idols’ albums lol.”

“Maybe he is not well fitted for TV shows.”




Watch the full clip of below:

Source: Dispatch