Yoo Byung Jae Responds To Reports Claiming Men With A Lot Of Facial Hair Have Smaller Testicles

He seemed pretty offended.

Yoo Byung Jae has humorously responded to a report claiming that men with a lot of facial hair tend to have smaller testicles.

On April 17, comedian Yoo Byung Jae shared a screenshot of an article on his Instagram. The title of the article was “The testicles of men with much facial hair can be relatively smaller”.


The report was based on research conducted by the research staff of a university. In response to the article, Yoo Byung Jae expressed his anger and captioned his post, “Why the heck would you research something like this?”


Yoo Byung Jae’s mustache is one of his physical trademarks, which is probably why he used the article to create the post.


Comedian Go Jang Hwan responded to his post by saying, “Not me.”


Netizens were having a blast in the comments section.

  • “I think I’ll shave my mustache.”
  • “Why, do you feel guilty?”
  • “Why are you getting all mad by yourself?”
  • “Lmao these comments are so hilarious.”
  • “So can you confirm this article.”
  • “Fighting!”
Source: Dispatch