Ahgase Are Sending A Big Thank You To Actor Yoo Ji Tae For Some Brand New Jinyoung Content

He blessed Ahgase with some photos of Jinyoung:

When it comes to posting to his Instagram, well, GOT7‘s Jinyoung tends to keep fans guessing when his next post will be. Although Jinyoung may not post all too frequently, someone else has been letting Ahgase live their best life by posting a few photos with Jinyoung!

Recently, filming for the upcoming drama series The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (also known as When My Love Blooms) began and since then, the cast has been spending some of their free time together too. And while hanging out, Yoo Ji Tae, who plays the main male lead, has been taking plenty of pictures to share with fans!

In his most recent post, Yoo Ji Tae uploaded a few photos from a cast dinner. Posting the photos as Instagram stories, the first photo is a heartwarming black and white snapshot of the main cast…

Image: @jt_db/Instagram

While the second is a pic of Jinyoung with the drama’s director!

Image: @jt_db/Instagram

Fans have been absolutely loving seeing just how close the cast already are…

And of course, knowing how rare new Jinyoung pics are, Ahgase especially are feeling like they’re experiencing the best moment in life!

With filming still ongoing, who knows how many sweet pictures of these adorable castmates we’ll get to see! Meanwhile, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life is set to begin airing in April 2020.