You Won’t Believe How Much Chanyeol Paid For His New Car

One of the first things idols do when they reach stardom is to buy a car with their earnings.

EXO Chanyeol has been revealed to have bought a new car, and a super high-end one at that. An employee at a Mercedes-Benz dealer shared a photo with the member when he came in to buy his new car.


The photo was posted with the caption:

#EXO #Chanyeol #squidsquid

A one-shot with the first celebrity I’ve seen.

A celebrity is a celebrity..

Very much a celebrity

He came to see the head of our unit? keke

His car choice was even on a different level..

He bought the G65. kekeke


The car was none other than a Mercedes-Benz G65. The car goes for a whopping 370,000,000 KRW which is approximately $317,000 USD. That’s way more than most everyone’s yearly salary!


He looks happy with his purchase.


Source: Instiz