You Won’t Believe What Korean Shipyard Workers Are Using (Are They Iron Man Suits?!)

South Korean shipyard workers have a new tool they’re using to work harder, faster, and stronger and it is freaking unbelievable! 

The suit is being developed as a hi-tech suit, also known as exoskeletons, to be used by shipyard workers in Korea. Workers will be able to lift loads up to 30 kilograms effortlessly, and researchers are looking to push that up to a massive 100kg in the next few years!

They’ve also started using Google Glass-like night vision goggles that have sensors which monitor the users heart rate, temptation and even their hydration levels.
The suit is ridiculously powerful and will allow users to even start using their mind to control the suits, allowing paraplegics to move themselves.
Exoskeletons are definitely the future, and this suit shows that Korea is starting to take charge in the field as well!