You’ll Never Want To Fly Economy Again Once You See Korean Air’s Bar-in-the-sky

This is where Korean Air‘s first class passengers spend their time during long flights.

While flying can be a tiresome, boring experience for some, those lucky enough to fly first-class with Korean Air can really enjoy the high-life at this awesome bar in the sky!

The onboard bar, titled “Celestial Bar” offers its guests an impressive relaxation area to sit down and enjoy the flight. With its chic and exquisite interior design, this spot gives passengers some room and extra space to wind down and let the time fly by (see what we did there?) in style.

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Korean Air has teamed up with Swedish alcohol giant, Absolut Vodka, to embark on this ‘heavenly’ venture. Specially crafted aviation-themed cocktails are served at the bar and can be seen held in the hands of lucky visitors. As if that wasn’t cool enough, passengers are also given the opportunity to make their own cocktails. These drinks can only be experienced with Korean Air.

The sky lounge even has a TV and a second smaller location at the front of the plane to accompany the larger space in the back.

The American News site Insider ranked Korean Air’s Celestial Bar the 4th best bar-in-the-sky, cementing the South Korean airline’s place among the elite in luxury travel.

Check out this video of Korean Air’s luxurious Prestige Class and Celestial Bar:

Source: Insider, Korean Air