Younger Sister Of Popular Male Idol Group Reveals How Idols Really Feel About Fan Fics

An internet posting from a younger sister of an active idol, who wants to remain anonymous, is sparking a lot of debate on the net.

Source: Pann

A posting was written by an anonymous writer, who says that she is the younger sibling of a popular idol group in Korea.

Although she never revealed who it is, the younger sibling writes about how her brother is proud of being a celebrity, as he truly enjoys and appreciates all the love he gets from the fans.

Then, she writes about the dark subculture of the fandom.

“I am referring to when the fans try to create a make-believe relationship situations between two same-sex members of the group.”


She went on the write that although the members are flattered, the idea of being inaccurately portrayed as a gay couple is uncomfortable to the idols.

“They were upset because the friendship they were exhibiting were misinterpreted by the fans.”

The subculture of fanfiction of idols, often fictitious stories coupling the same-sex members of the group is popular among some of the fans.

Some of the idols in Korea have to endure false rumors of their sexual orientation, often originated from the fanfictions and have to clarify the issues in the past.

Lee Teuk Discreetly Addresses His Thoughts On Rumors That Heechul Is Gay

Netizens also commented on the misinformation spread by the twisted subculture.

” Well, I don’t care whether this story is made up or not, I agree that the subculture like that should be left in the dark. Please do not mention such thing in the V live.”

“I second this opinion.”

“I agree completely. From some fan meetings and greetings, I have seen some crazy fans who talked about two members of the group being in a relationship with each other.  Unbelievable. “

Source: Pann

Whether the story is true or not, it seems that the subculture of same-sex fanfiction should remain in the dark for now.

Please read the full translation done by Koreaboo of the posting below:

Hello. I’d like to introduce myself as a sister of an idol member who is currently active. (Please do not try to find out who he is – it applies to all fans as well as fans of my brother’s group.)

I am a fan of other members of the group to which my brother belongs. In a nutshell, I would be qualified as a fan of my brother’s group. I personally keep in touch with other members of the group from time to time. Whenever I am in touch with them, they always say the same things.

My brother and his colleagues truly enjoy being at the fan meetings and greeting events. My brother says the fans are the true source of his energy for life, and he is so happy that he became an entertainer.

However, you must be all aware of the dark subculture of the fandom.

(I assume that all of you know …?)  I am referring to when the fans try to create a make-believe relationship situations between two same-sex members of the group. My brother and his members also know about couplings and have read the graphic fanfics.  He told me the fanmade fictions contained a love story between two same-sex members, and it was extremely uncomfortable for members to face each other after reading them. One member even shed some tears because of the embarrassment. They were upset because the friendship they were exhibiting were misinterpreted by the fans. I had not personally read the fanfictions, but from what I hear, it is pretty racy.

Of course, he understand the burdens and responsibilities that comes as a famous celebrity in Korea, and that he should be able to digest it. He does not mind the fans mentioning the fan fictions on the social media websites, but he politely asks his fans to refrain from mentioning it in person. For example, when a fan asks “Did you read the fanfics that I wrote?” or “Are you guys dating one another?” , he feels uncomfortable hearing those types of questions because he does not know how to respond.

The roommate situation is the same between the members. Due to the rumors that the members might have to endure, they avoid rooming with allegedly coupled members.  (Must be different for all the groups)

Any materials that fans might get, such as light skinship between the members and holding hands with one another could create rumors about the two same-sex members dating one another. My brother thinks that most of these wishful thoughts are generated from the innocent ground.

It is fans’ freedom to discuss the fantasy materials amongst each other, yet please do not discuss that with the members. When my brother visits home and talks to me, he complains about the paparazzi like fans and other aggressive fans. He even said that he regrets being an idol because of this.

My brother loves his fans, but they also drive him crazy as well. I know this was pretty long and pointless posting, but please remember to not mention same sex coupling to the members.

Thank you so much for reading my posting. You can share this posting to another website if you wish.


안녕하세요. 현직 아이돌의 동생입니다. (누군지 알려고 하지 말아주세요. 저희 오빠가 속한 그룹의 팬분들뿐만 아니라 모든 팬분들에게 적용되는 말이에요.)

저는 제 오빠가 속한 그룹의 다른 멤버의 팬이에요. 간단히 말해서 오빠가 속한 그룹의 팬이라고 볼 수 있겠네요. 저는 제 오빠랑 다른 멤버 오빠들과 종종 연락을 하면서 지내요. 연락을 할 때면 오빠들은 언제나 똑같은 이야기를 해요.

콘서트나 팬싸인회 팬미팅 등은 정말 즐겁다고 해요. 팬들이 너무 좋고 삶의 원동력인지라 자기는 연예인을 한 것이 너무 기쁘다고 말해요.

여러분들 음지 문화 아시죠?

(아시겠죠..?) 그룹 내에서 커플링을 짜는 것 말이에요. 오빠들도 커플링에 대해서 알고 팬픽을 본 적이 있다고 해요. 팬픽을 처음 본 날, 오빠들은 서로 얼굴 마주하기 꺼리고 어떤 멤버 오빠는 울기까지 했다고 말했어요. 자기한테는 정말 소중하고 아끼고 의지하는 멤버이자 친구들인데 사귀는 사이로 만들었으니까요. 수위물은 본 적은 없지만 소속시 직원들 말을 들어보면 심하다고 해요.

물론 연예인지라 사생활이나 속마음, 커플링을 엮는 것 같은 것을 다 감안하고 지내야 하고 너그러워야한다고 말하더라고요. SNS에서 말하는 것은 상관없지만 팬싸인회나 콘서트 등에서는 언급하지 말았으면 좋겠다고 말하더라고요. 팬싸인회에서 ‘오빠 팬픽 본 적 있어요?’ ‘오빠 어떤 커플링 봤어요?’ 이런 질문들이나 콘서트에서 껴안거나 손 잡는 것 보고 “둘이 사귄다!”이런 발언들은 자제해달라고 하더라고요. 최대한 웃으면서 당황하지 않은 척하지만 속으로는 엄청 당황하고 무어라 말해야할 지 모르겠다고 해요.

그래서 룸메이트를 정할때도 최대한 커플링이 안 엮이도록 정한다고 해요. 예를 들어 A B C D가 한 그룹이라고 한다면, 커플링이 제일 적게 파지는 A C, B D가 룸메이트가 된다고 해요. (그룹마다 다를 수 있겠지만 저희 오빠가 있는 그룹은 그렇다고 하더라고요.)

껴안거나 손 잡거나 흐뭇하게 바라보는 것 등등 팬분들이 커플링으로 엮는 모든 소재들은 의도적인 것도 몇가지 있지만 멤버들이 자랑스럽거나 귀엽거나 잘생겼다고 생각할 때 한다고 해요. 이성적이 아니라 동료로써, 친구로써 말이에요.

커플링을 엮거나 파는 것은 자유지만 공적인 자리에서는 언급하지 말아주세요. 오빠가 집에 가끔 올때면 저한테 주로 상담을 하는데 주요 얘기가 사생팬분들이나 이런 커플링 이야기에요. 정말 팬싸인회나 콘서트에서 커플링 이야기를 들으면 끝나고서 멍하다고 하더라고요. 그것때문에 데뷔한 것을 후회한 적도 있다고 하고요.

오빠들이 가장 아끼고 좋아하는 것이 팬분들이지만 팬분들 때문에 힘든 것이 많더라고 하더라고요. 이야기가 길어지고 횡설수설하지만 공적인 자리에서는 커플링 언급하지 말아주세요. 읽어주셔서 감사합니다.

글 삭제 하지 않도록 할께요. 많은 분들께서 삭제하지 않았으면 좋겠다고 하시고 저도 많은 분등 보시고 개념있는 팬과 팬덤이 됬으면 해서 삭제하지 않을께요. SNS에 캡쳐해서 올리셔도 상관없으세요.(출처는 밝히셔도 안 밝히셔도 됩니다.)

Source: Pann