“You Quiz On The Block” Proves Just How Much They Love BTS’s V— And Honestly, Same

They just can’t get enough!

It looks like tvN’s You Quiz On The Block is a huge fan of BTS’s V and we don’t blame them! Recently, an online community board post revealed just how often the show used V’s face on the show to express words that include the letter “V” in it.


Let’s take a look at some examples!

1. CGV

When referring to the Korean movie theater brand CGV, they used V’s face for the letter V!

| tvN

2. Bibigo

They also used V’s face for words that sound similar to the letter V! For example, although the brand Bibigo starts with a “B,” they still used V’s face as the letters “B” and “V” sound similar in Korean.

| tvN

3. Car model names

They also used his face for the names of car models such as EV6 and GV70.

| tvN

4. Louis Vuitton

We can’t forget the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, in which BTS are the global house ambassadors!

| tvN

5. Streaming service platforms

They even used his face for online streaming service platform TVING!

| tvN

The photos that they used for the subtitles were the legendary photos from the 2019 The Fact Awards!

| winterstrawverry

Netizens totally approved of them using V’s face on the show!

  • “The show is perfect in all aspects, the love for V is genuine.”
  • “The ‘You Quiz’ staff are amazing!”
  • “V from ‘The Fact Awards’ are legendary, but V from ‘You Quiz’ is also legendary!”
Source: nate pann