You’re Guaranteed To Laugh At The Way MAMAMOO Dances With Their Fans…That’s How Extra They Really Are

Solar danced “normally”. The other 3 members? Not so much.

During an episode of School Attack featuring girl group MAMAMOO, the girl group went to Sejong University.

Four lucky students were able to dance personally with their favorite members.

One MooMoo was a fortunate foreign exchange student from China.

There was even a male MooMoo among the fans who had the luckiest day of their lives.

It was hilarious how one fan said she loves MAMAMOO more than the school she goes to.

First, the students were asked to dance “sexily” and they ended up approaching the members.

The students also showed how funny they could be by doing a “comic” dance.

Finally, it was time for the students to dance with their favorite idols from MAMAMOO!

Solar x MooMoo combo

This male student went first and chose to dance with Solar.

The duo looked cute as they did a cute dance…

…and Solar ended their performance with a cool, Egyptian-like dance move which is a famous move in K-Pop choreography.

Moonbyul x MooMoo combo

Moonbyul, on the other hand, decided to meet her dance partner’s energy by suddenly “attacking” her the minute she was told to start.

The dance intensified when the both of them did body rolls against each other.

The host remarked that the two did a couple dance, and asked the students who wanted to go next.

Wheein x MooMoo combo

The two started off on a cute note, and ended with a sexy finish when Wheein tightly hugged her fan and enclosed her in her jacket.

Hwasa x MooMoo combo

Hwasa and her dance partner didn’t really dance, they simply hugged and…did other things that seemed mildly suggestive.

MAMAMOO members aren’t the only one extra around here — their MooMoos could also be playful and hyper when they need to be.