“Youth With You” Trainees Reveal Strange Ways To “Lose Weight” And It Will Make You LOL

Fans cannot believe she did this on T.V.

Normally for a weigh-in, people will remove their shoes or excess baggy clothing…but the trainees of IQIYI‘s Youth With You had their own crazy methods that will make you wheeze. Trainee Xiaotan Zhao started by removing her shoes, socks, and all of her jewelry.

These things all have a weight. Do you know that?

— Xiaotang Zhao

The other trainees followed suit, removing all they could. They removed fake nails one by one, knee pads, bandages, and more.

I think nails weight a bit, too. I’ll remove some of them.

— Lingzi Liu

They suddenly did everything they could to reduce last-minute swelling, like jumping jacks and crunches.

One trainee even noticed how heavy her hair was and wished she could remove it…

…but one trainee actually did. Trainee Vicky Wei took out her fake hair piece and placed it in the corner of the room.

Do I really need to remove [my extensions]?

— Vicky Wei

The trainees also discussed other methods they maintain their weight, such as eating corn…

…and using what they can find for exercises.

I lie on the floor pushing a fire extinguisher.

— Yan Yu

Mostly, the trainees are just focusing on their skills so it is possible some weight comes off from dancing as well. However, some try to squeeze in some bodyweight exercises when they can.

In the end, trainee Jenny Zeng, who’s praised for her figure, stated the importance of being healthy as opposed to just being thin.

Be confident and live the life you want. That’s when you’re most beautiful. Moreover, you must be healthy.

— Jenny Zeng

Fans were pleased with the girls not being too hard on themselves over the number on the scale, but they definitely caused some laughs!

Watch the girls’ hilarious weigh-in below!