“Youth With You” Trainee Rumored To Prevent Malicious Editing With Clever Tactics…And Fans Think It’s Totally Genius

This girl deserves an award. 👏👏

On IQIYI‘s survival program Youth With You, trainee Xie Ke Yin is rumored to have taken preventative measures to avoid “evil editing” and fans are amazed at her genius.

“Malicious” or “evil editing” is a term used to describe when a person on a reality show is portrayed in such a way to make them appear different than they actually are.

Trainee Esther Yu is known for her reactions. 

This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Only showing scenes where the target is acting a certain way (such as upset or indifferent).
  • Utilizing scenes from another point in time to craft a fabricated storyline (i.e. Inserting clip of a mad expression towards another trainee when in reality they were mad about the taste of their lunch).

Any scene can be taken out of context to paint someone into a villain. 

Xie Ke Yin’s technique is to wear a different colorful wristband each day.

By sporting a new colored accessory in each scene, she makes it impossible for different scenes to be mashed up and create a false narrative.

Fans took to Twitter to express their awe at her genius idea.

  • “xie ke yin is a smart girl”
  • “Smart move, Xie Ke Yin.”
  • “nothing can touch xie ke yin 😌💓 my Girl”

What do you think of Xie Ke Yin’s technique?