Zico Opens up About Negative and Demotivating Thoughts and How Crush Helped Him Find Musical Inspiration

Crush gave Zico a big gift to give him some inspiration.

On a recent episode of SBS’s Access Showbiz Tonight, Zico spoke about how he started composing and producing his own songs as well as how he gets inspirations for songs.


When he was asked where he got his inspiration, Zico answered, “I try to find it within me. I’ve recently been obsessed with old songs. So I’m collecting LPs of old songs right now.

Zico then confessed, “I actually started because of Crush. He randomly asked for my home passcode and set it all up for me. It was a really expensive vintage record player. I was really happy.


He continued, “But it wasn’t that fun for me. So I thought I’d go back even further. I didn’t think there was anyone who was traveling backward out there.

Zico’s new album is one that contains his agony as a person. He shared, “I’ve had a lot of thoughts, and there were times when I had negative and demotivating thoughts as well. I had a desire to have more hope. That’s what ‘Human’ is about.

Source: Dispatch