7 Of K-Pop’s Worst Stage Disasters That Should Never Be Forgotten

There have been more than a few accidents during K-Pop concerts, some of them could have had much worse outcomes, while others are just simply tragic. While some concerts ended in disaster for not only the artists but also the fans, others were just plain mismanagement. It’s hard to forget these events, especially when they […]

The Ultimate K-Pop Halloween Playlist Guide

It’s Halloween Season! No one does Halloween celebrations quite like K-Pop – so, to celebrate, here’s a list of 31 spooky songs to party it up to this ghoulish season every single day. 1. VIXX – “Voodoo Doll” 2. MONSTA X – “Hero” 3. SPEED – “Zombie Party” 4. TWICE – “TT” 5. BTS – “War […]

Former 4Minute member Jiyoon talks about her struggles after disbanding

Ever since 4minute disbanded, former member Jiyoon was able to take a break and prepare for her own solo career. Prior to that, however, she had paid a penalty for canceling her contract with her previous agency and joined another agency on her own.   As the release of her new solo album approaches, she […]

12 Idols That Were Spotted Partying In Clubs

Spotting idols in clubs is a rare sight, but when they are spotted, it’s definitely a treat to experience. Here are just a few instances of some idols who were seen partying it up in the club! 1. Big Bang’s Seungri Seungri was seen partying at his exclusive bar Monkey Museum in Gangnam. He opened […]

11 K-Pop Albums With The Best Packaging

Everyone knows that K-pop has the best packaging for albums of any genre in the world, which is why they sell so fast! But, not all albums are made equal. Here are 11 albums that are statement pieces in any album collection! 1. Zico’s Gallery Staying true to the album’s title, Gallery is designed to […]

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