10 Female Idols With The Most Bootylicious Butts

We just did a list on the best male booty in K-Pop… we couldn’t leave the girls out! Here’s round two of  remarkable behinds! With girl groups showing that they can twerk and wiggle wiggle, it’s time we showed our love for some of the best butts in K-Pop


Apink’s Naeun Shows Off A Completely New Hair Style For The First Time

Naeun’s long hair is luscious and beautiful — it just might be the quality that edges her to stand out even among the beautiful Apink! And because of its beauty, her hair’s been the subject of many fans’ love and envy, which led some to ask whether she can pull off a different hair style. […]


K-Pop Songs With Hidden Messages That You Never Knew About

These four songs have hidden messages embedded in the lyrics that are arranged acrostically to spell out other words! Prepare to have your mind blown.  1. GFriend’s “Love Whisper” In the second verse of “Love Whisper”, Umji’s lyrics are arranged in a way so that the first character of each line spells out their Korean […]

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