(★BREAKING) B1A4 Involved In Car Accident, Currently In Hospital

B1A4 has been involved in a car accident and was immediately rushed to hospital afterwards. They are currently receiving examination by hospital doctors and are being treated according to emergency procedures. Their injuries are not severe and none of the members are in life-threatening conditions. B1A4 was on their way to the “Icon Conert”, being […]

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TOP 10 October’s Most Popular Boy Groups By Brand

The latest statistics of K-Pop’s most powerful boy group brands were released. Take a look to see which boy groups have the highest brand ranking in October! 10th – PENTAGON Rookie group PENTAGON maintained their brand 10th place for the 2nd month in a row. 9th – INFINITE Even with the departure of Hoya, INFINITE […]

Here Are The Average Ages Of The Most Popular Boy Groups

As generations change in K-Pop, it’s fascinating to see our favorite idols change with age. Here are the average ages of 20 boy groups in age order! (International age calculated!) Super Junior – 31.5 BIGBANG – 28.2 HIGHLIGHT – 27 INFINITE – 25.8 SHINee – 25.6 Block B – 25.1 B1A4 – 25 EXO – […]

Official Rankings Of K-Pop Boy Groups According To Brand Reputation

The monthly rankings from the Korean Business Research Institute recently released the male idol group brand reputation rankings for this month. 1. EXO 2. BTS 3. NU’EST 4. SEVENTEEN 5. BIGBANG 6. SHINHWA 7. BTOB 8. VIXX 9. WINNER 10. NCT 11. Highlight 12. INFINITE 13. B1A4 14. SECHKIES 15. BEAST 16. ASTRO 17. SHINee […]

10 K-Pop Idols With Hidden Pasts You’ve Never Knew About

K-Pop idols have hidden pasts that many are unaware ever happened. Here are surprising photos of 10 K-Pop idols that you’ve never seen before! 1. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Before she was Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation, she debuted in 2002 as a Japanese duo called Route0! The group disbanded in 2003, and Sooyoung returned to Korea to […]

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