10 Female Idols Who Look Even Better Without Stage Makeup

Though stage makeup works like a cherry on top of these female idols’ performances, they are just as beautiful and full of character without it. These 10 simply glow and shine with or without makeup—with or without the stage spotlights! 1. HyunA HyunA’s makeup seems to be more of an expression of her artistic side […]


11 idols who went through extreme weight loss

While a lot of idols may already have a perfectly healthy weight, these idols lost so much weight through their extreme diets that their whole image transformed. Check out these 11 idols who completely changed their look with their extreme weight loss. 1. Sulli 2. Apink’s Eunji 3. Suzy 4. Girl’s Day’s Minah 5. SECRET’s […]

This Is The Difference Between The Top Visuals of 2nd and 3rd Generation Girl Groups

The key difference between the top female visual idols from the early 2000’s era to the current reigning beauties can be defined in simple terms. Netizen claim that while these 3 beauties have an “innocent” look about them, today’s beauties focus less on innocence and more on an all-around “delicate” concept. THEN Girls’ Generation Yoona T-ARA Jiyeon […]

10+ Pictures Prove Chaeyeon Has The Sexiest Shoulders In K-Pop

Fans always find something extraordinary when it comes to their favorite celebrities. For this post, for example, one decided to dedicate a post for Chaeyeon’s flawless and sexy shoulders.  From her days as a trainee on Produce 101 to her career with I.O.I and then DIA, Chaeyeon has transformed beautifully in front of her many […]

9 Perfect Back To School Fashion Ideas Inspired By The Hottest K-Dramas

Now that summer is almost over, it’s about time for many to start getting ready for the new school year. Here are some outfits inspired by the latest K-Dramas to help make your outfit-picking decisions easier. 1. Sejeong in School 2017 She wears this pretty off-the-shoulder dress that is just perfect for those who like […]

50+ Idols You Never Knew Went To The Same High School Together

These idols all attended Seoul Performing Arts School during their high school years, and are all notable alumni from the school’s prestigious and renowned performance training programs.  1. Apink Naeun 2. Apink Namjoo 3. Apink Hayoung 4. B.A.P Zelo 5. BTS Jungkook 6. Boyfriend Minwoo 7. Boyfriend Kwangmin 8. Boyfriend Youngmin 9. B1A4 Gongchan 10. CLC […]

DIA’s Chaeyeon Had This Advice For Wanna One’s Future Disbandment

In a recent photo shoot and interview with Star1 magazine, DIA’s Chaeyeon had some words of advice for Wanna One. Having promoted with I.O.I, Chaeyeon was able to give Wanna One some helpful tips in embarking on their journey. “I really hope they take care of their health and do well. I know more than […]

10+ Times DIA’s Chaeyeon Showed How Much She Loves Alcohol

DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon has been known to have a strong tolerance for alcohol as well as loving to have drinks occasionally. She’s even been revealed to drink alone in the dorm at times. Check out all these times that she has shown her love for her alcohol. 1. The one time she decided to have a […]

DIA Chaeyeon spotted in public looking more mature than ever

These recent photos of DIA’s Chaeyeon show just how much she has matured since her Produce 101 days. There’s no doubt that Chaeyeon has completely transformed since appearing on the Mnet survival show. And she’s certainly been busy since then too, promoting with DIA, and all that work has left her looking more mature than […]

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