10+ True Stories Behind These K-Pop Idols Leaving Their Groups

We’d want our favorite K-Pop idol groups to stick together through thick and thin as long as possible, but nothing is forever, we know this. Over the years, we’ve seen members leave groups for countless reasons, here are some of their stories:   1. EXO — Kris, Luhan, Tao EXO started off as a 12 […]

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JYP Entertainment Rejected These 5 Trainees… Now They’re Top K-Pop Stars

Despite being big names in the K-Pop world, these singers and idols faced complications on their road to debut. Before finding their homes in their current companies and reaching stardom, they actually originally auditioned for JYP Entertainment, and were ultimately rejected. While it may seem like a shock that these amazing talents would be turned […]

7 Idols Who Had Super Normal Jobs Before They Debuted In K-Pop

Prior to becoming household names, 7 of Korea’s top idols worked part-time jobs just like many other teenagers. 1. Im SiwanIm Siwan is known as the idol representative when talking about perfect sons. Since elementary school, he was the class president and always received top grades. Prior to debuting with ZE:A, he majored in mechanical engineering at Busan […]

Former AOA Member Choa Isn’t Blonde Anymore, For The First Time Since Debut

Choa has changed her iconic blonde hair to a different, much darker shade. Since debut, Choa has been known for her signature blonde hair color. While she was still a member of AOA, she changed up her color a little, but still kept it within the blonde spectrum. After leaving AOA, she changed her hair […]

13 Idols Who Are Stupidly Good-looking With Colored Contacts

Many K-Pop idols wear colored contacts to enhance their look or match their outfit’s aesthetic, and it makes their eyes (K)pop! Whether the lenses are blue, green, or even red, here are just a few idols who rocked colored contacts. 1. SHINee – Taemin 2. Red Velvet – Seulgi 3. BTS – V 4. EXID […]

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