TWICE Dahyun Has A Special Skill That No Other Idol Possesses

TWICE’s Dahyun has a unique skill that her members and fans all admire. She’s able to make perfect hair buns easily and in a flash! Making perfect hair buns is hard enough just standing still, but she’s even able to make buns while she’s dancing! While rehearsing “Knock Knock” for TWICE’s performance on New Life For […]

7 idols who have unique habits only real fans will recognize

Everyone has a habit, and idols are no exception. These 7 idols have adorable habits that their fans have noticed at several of their schedules! 1.  BTS Jungkook Jungkook’s habit is drinking water out of a bottle with both his lips surrounding the entire entrance. Fans find this incredibly cute as he looks like a […]

TWICE’s Dahyun Voted The #1 Most Charming Female Idol 

It was merely speculated before but it seems like it has come true. Dahyun was voted as the most charming of them all.  A recent online poll picked her as the female idol with the “charm that once you fall, you cannot escape.”  Dahyun was described as an idol who attracts others using a variety of […]

10 Idols Who Prove Monolids Are Beautiful

Although double-eyelids are incredibly sought after in Korea, many idols have proven that monolids are equally as beautiful. Double-eyelids are popular among both men and women in Korea, and cosmetic surgery to achieve the look has become one of South Korea’s most common surgical procedures. However, these ten idols have proven that monolids are beautiful […]

TWICE Nayeon Protects Dahyun From Being Swarmed By Fans

Walking through large crowds of people can be a daunting experience for Idols but Nayeon sure knows how to make Dahyun feel safe when they do! To help protect Dahyun when walking through crowded places, Nayeon tightly holds onto Dahyuns hand! Nayeon is clearly protective of Dahyun and wants to keep her safe her as […]

[★BREAKING] TWICE Dahyun Suffers Injury, Will Go On Hiatus

Dahyun recently suffered an ankle injury, and as a result will not be attending TWICE’s upcoming schedules.  TWICE was recently spotted at Incheon International Airport on their way to Vietnam to film JTBC’s travel show Carefree Travelers.  As always, many news outlets and fansites were at the airport waiting to take photos of the group.  However, […]

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