3 Biggest K-Pop Underdog Stories That Are Straight Out Of A Movie Plot

Debuting as an idol isn’t enough to guarantee success, and often, more idols end up failing rather than succeeding. These three groups, however, pulled through a tough rookie period and came out on top after going viral on the Internet. 1. EXID A video of EXID’s Hani catapulted the group into immense popularity after one […]


GFRIEND Sells Out Their First Ever Solo Concert In Record Time

GFRIEND made their first impressive concert record by selling out their two-day concert tickets within three minutes! Thanks to the enormous popularity and presence in the K-Pop industry, GFRIEND is having the first ever solo concert in January of 2018. https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/ForsakenPointedBarnacle GFRIEND is known for their beautiful lyrics and powerful dance moves, and fans are excited […]


Korea’s Winter May Be Cold But Female Idols’ Skirts Are Getting Even Shorter

Forget the cold; these female idols are rocking this fashion trend despite the cold weather. Female idols have been spotted with what we call “no pants look” with big jackets paired with a short skirt and shorts. Despite the cold weather, they are showing off their perfect leg lines. SISTAR’s Bora showed off her toned legs […]


6 Times GFRIEND Was Just Too Much For Their Managers To Handle

GFRIEND is known for their hyperactive beagle like cheerfulness! Fans love their adorable quirkiness but sometimes their managers just can’t handle that much love… Check out the 6 times when GFRIEND was just too much for their managers! 1. When they would not leave the stage after saying goodbye to the fans. 2. When they […]


K-Pop Songs With Hidden Messages That You Never Knew About

These four songs have hidden messages embedded in the lyrics that are arranged acrostically to spell out other words! Prepare to have your mind blown.  1. GFriend’s “Love Whisper” In the second verse of “Love Whisper”, Umji’s lyrics are arranged in a way so that the first character of each line spells out their Korean […]

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