6 Girl Groups Who Became Popular After Drastically Changing Their Concept

1. Girl’s Day Before: Kyawooddung (2010) with cute concept Your browser does not support video. After: Expect (2013) with sexy concept and addition of new members, Hyeri and Yura. Your browser does not support video. 2. Wonder Girls Before: So Hot (2010) with cute concept. Your browser does not support video. After: Why So Lonely […]


10 Female Idols With The Most Bootylicious Butts

We just did a list on the best male booty in K-Pop… we couldn’t leave the girls out! Here’s round two of  remarkable behinds! With girl groups showing that they can twerk and wiggle wiggle, it’s time we showed our love for some of the best butts in K-Pop


9 Photos Reveal Yura’s Sexy Red Carpet Dress

Girl’s Day Yura is no amateur when it comes to elaborate red carpet fashion, and time and again she’s been seen in some of the most gorgeous red carpet items. And this dress in particular was dubbed one of her hottest red carpet dresses of all time. When she arrived at the red carpet event, she […]


Netizens worry that Girl’s Day might be the next group to disband

Girl’s Day’s Minah recently revealed the possible future for the Girl’s Day during an interview with BNT Magazine while discussing her upcoming solo single album, Other Way. After the photo shoot, Minah shared her plans for the future, while promoting her latest song “11 degrees”. When asked about future plans for Girl’s Day, Minah seemed […]

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