Kim Woo Bin Was Scammed Out Of $66,000 Has Still Not Been Paid

Actor Kim Woo Bin and Go Soo are taking legal actions against advertisers who did not pay for their advertisement contract. Go Soo signed the advertisement contract back in 2012 for the amount of 125,000,000 won ($125,000USD) and Kim Woo Bin signed the contract in 2013, for 66,000,000 won ($66,000 USD). Although both Go Soo […]

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These Are The 10 Most Handsome Korean Celebrities, According To Science

The science is in: a good looking man is more than his good looks. According to specialists, the human face’s aesthetics can be measured by its correlation with the “Golden Ratio”, aka Fibonacci’s Sequence. Quick to adapt, plastic surgeons took this idea into account for their patients. They have mapped out faces of actors and idols […]

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