Plastic Surgeons Claim These 21 Idols’ Faces Are Mathematically PERFECT

According to specialists, the human face can be geometrically mapped, and the aesthetic measurement of ones face is directly correlated with the famous ‘golden ratio’ or ‘Fibonacci’s sequence’ (1.618). Plastic surgeons also take this into account when performing operations. Specialists have mapped out idols’ faces and found that the facial structure of these 21 idols especially […]

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8 Heartbreaking Celebrity Breakups In 2017 That We’re Still Not Over

Breaking up is never easy and celebrity couples feel heartbreak just the same as anyone else. But, it’s not just the celebrities that feel sad. Fans around the world who shipped these couples get heartbroken in the process too. Thankfully, most of these broken relationships end up with the idols remaining as friends. Here’s a […]


(★BREAKING) Hyun Bin And Kang So Ra Break Up After Dating For 1 Year

Top star couple Hyun Bin and Kang So Ra are reported to have broken up after dating for a year. The two actors became too busy with their schedule, which naturally ended up in their decision to split. A close friend revealed the details of their relationship. “The two are very reserved and don’t talk […]


These Are The 10 Most Handsome Korean Celebrities, According To Science

The science is in: a good looking man is more than his good looks. According to specialists, the human face’s aesthetics can be measured by its correlation with the “Golden Ratio”, aka Fibonacci’s Sequence. Quick to adapt, plastic surgeons took this idea into account for their patients. They have mapped out faces of actors and idols […]


8 Times Korean Actors Risked Their Lives On Camera

In the entertainment industry, it’s a common practice for stunt doubles to perform dangerous scenes.  However, some actors are so brave and dedicated to their roles that they said goodbye to the stunt doubles and performed these scenes themselves. 1. Lee Jun Ki – Joseon Gunman Lee Jun Ki is not afraid to perform his own stunts, […]

Over 45,000 Koreans Vote On Which Idol Is The Best Kisser

In a poll totaling 47,355 votes, Netizens came together to select which of their favorite male actors portrayed the best on-screen kisses. Many actors were up for the vote – including favorites like Lee Min Ho, Gong Yoo, and Kim Soo Hyun, but the list may surprise you. Here are the results of the poll, which totaled […]

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