8 K-Pop Idol Couples You Wish Would Date Already

1. Joy and Sungjae This pair had incredible chemistry, making the audience swoon and wish they were secretly together. Drawn to each other eyes, and lost in it, together, voluntarily. gif: ctto#bbyu #sungjoy #sungjae #joy #btob #redvelvet #btobrv #BTOVELVET pic.twitter.com/4sru6piefJ — SJSJSJ (@kiyowo3X2) January 1, 2018 Some people are convinced they were truly in love. […]


Jackson Reveals How He Learned Korean Perfectly: “The Jackson Method”

When asked how he had learned Korean so quickly on a recent Cantonese-language radio show, Jackson gave an answer no one expected. The Hong Kong-born star admitted he stopped studying and taking formal lessons after half a year as he had trouble getting a firm grasp of the Korean language that way. According to Jackson, […]


Jackson talks about RM, says he hasn’t changed at all since his trainee days

Jackson opened up about one of his closest friends and how much they’ve changed over the years. GOT7’s Jackson’s friendship with BTS goes way back! But he’s especially close with RM, and he showed it off during the AMA’s this year. Jackson proudly showed off his friendship with A-list celebrities on Instagram, which included RM. […]

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(★TRENDING) GOT7’s Jackson To Make A Special Appearance On 2017 AMA

GOT7’s Jackson will be making a special appearance at the 2017 American Music Awards! He will be attending as a representative of one of China’s largest company, Alibaba Group. Jackson most recently gained global recognition as the “hot guy next to Liam” during MTV’s EMA. One Direction’s Liam Payne Compliments GOT7 Jackson During MTV’s EMA […]

One Direction’s Liam Payne Compliments GOT7 Jackson During MTV’s EMA

GOT7’s Jackson made a lasting impression when he attended the MTV’s Europe Music Award. Jackson was seen hanging out with Liam Payne, casually sipping his drink, as Rita Ora presented the next act. Netizens around the world immediately reacted on Jackson’s appearance, asking around who the handsome guy next to Liam Payne was. "The cute […]

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These Idols All Have An Adorable Habit They Do With Their Faces

These K-Pop idols can’t help but do something with their faces… and fans can’t be more thankful for their cutesy habits! Check out these 15 idols who have a habit of making their faces oh-so-adorable. 1. INFINITE’s L L has a tendency to bite his lips. Fans are surely thankful that he has such a […]

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