Fans Captured Idols Removing Their Earpieces On Stage And It Looks Surprisingly Sexy

Idols’ earpieces are crucial to their performances, but many fans think they have an alternate, unintended function: making the idol wearing them look surprisingly sexy as they remove them. Here’s 11 idols who made fans realize just how sexy they could be just by taking their earpiece out: 1. EXO’s Baekhyun 2. BTS’s Suga 3. BTOB’s […]

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Here’s The Truth Behind Wanna One Jaehwan’s “N-Word” Controversy

Yesterday, Koreaboo wrote an article about Wanna One‘s Jaehwan and a video released by MBC. The story instantly spread amongst Wanna One fans and multiple Korean media sites, becoming a highly controversial topic. 워너원 재환의 영상에 관한 오해와 논란의 이유 What started the controversy? In a video released by MBC‘s Show Champion, Jaehwan appears with subtitles below him saying, “Yo! […]

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