16 Ulzzangs Who Got Scouted By Entertainment Companies And Debuted As Idols

Ulzzangs (Literally “Best-Face”) are famous for having awesomely good looks. It’s not surprising many idols were famous as ulzzang even before they were cast by entertainment companies. Most idols gain their fame after they debut and make many appearances on music shows and even variety shows. Some of them, however, were already famous enough in […]


This Idol Just Uploaded A Selfie Of Himself Getting A Cosmetic Procedure

Not all idols will admit to something like this, but Block B’s Jaehyo took the unconventional route by posting his recent cosmetic procedure.  Cosmetic procedures may be a norm for most Koreans but not all speak out publicly of receiving it.  So, it’s quite surprising that Jaehyo recently shared a photo of himself getting a […]


12 Idols With Hidden Talents You Never Knew About

Even though all K-Pop idols are talented in their own way, some of these talents aren’t readily apparent on stage. 1. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Taeyeon’s voice is definitely one of the best in the industry but did you know that she also does voice acting? She was the voice of Margo in the Korean dub […]

10 Times Idols’ Secret Hidden Tattoos Were Captured On Camera

While having tattoos in Korea is still considered taboo, many idols have gone against this and gotten meaningful ink. Idols like Jay Park and Zico wear their large, intricate tattoos proudly, but others prefer to get smaller and simpler tattoos. 1. B.A.P’s Daehyun Daehyun has a tattoo of the word “HOLD” in all caps on […]

TOP 10 Male Idols Whose Eyelashes Are Longer Than Females

These men of K-Pop have some of the most stunningly long eyelashes around. It’s hard not to stare for hours… 1. SEVENTEEN S.Coups 2. BTS V 3. GOT7 Yugyeom 4. B.A.P Daehyun 5. MONSTA X Hyungwon 6. Block B Jaehyo 7. VICTON Chan 8. Super Junior Ryeowook 9. SHINee Jonghyun 10. EXO Baekhyun

10+ Male K-Pop Idols You Forgot Had Long Hair

Hairstyles always significantly change the aesthetic of an idol, and one of the biggest changes can be going from long to short hair. These 13 idols cut off their luscious locks and completely transformed their visuals. 1. NU’EST – Ren 2. SEVENTEEN – Jeonghan 3. Super Junior – Heechul 4. SHINee – Taemin 5. 2PM – Taecyeon 6. MBLAQ – […]

27 Times Male Idols Dressed Up Like Girls

Of all the male idols who rocked a more feminine fashion statement (we’re looking at you, Super Junior), these 27 male idols also come to mind as completely killing it with these bold looks. 1. BtoB Ilhoon 2. Super Junior Heechul 3. VIXX N 4. NU’EST Ren 5. SHINee Taemin 6. BTS Rap Monster 7. […]

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